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Online education-based social enterprise

Online education-based social enterprise

Online education-based social enterprise

Setting out with the motto "if tonguç understood, everyone will understand", tonguçAKADEMİ contributes to the education and learning lives of millions of students today by providing content.

Online Education Platform is a NextGen e-learning platform that meets all the educational needs of students. Subject expression videos that are 100% compatible with the Ministry of Education curriculum are prepared by expert teachers with the most effective methods. With its live broadcasts, question-answer studies, practice exams, guidance videos, it aims to help students achieve success in school lessons, written exams, LGS, YKS and scholarship exams. This platform, which offers online education membership, also rolls out enriched services such as interactive broadcasts, personalized coaching system, monthly lesson programs, smart tests, exam and homework tracking system.

YouTube Channels for Every Grade

tonguçAKADEMİ ensures that students learn the subjects without getting bored. The platform delivers the lessons with a short, concise and humorous language on YouTube channels specific to each grade. tonguçAKADEMİ has 13 million followers and over 6.8 billion video views on its 18 You Tube channels.
TATS Soru Çözüm Uygulaması

TATS Digital Book Application

TATS is one of the most downloaded mobile education applications in Turkey, enabling students to use all source books suitable for the phygital (physical + digital experiences) age. With this application, students can access the digital versions of the books they physically purchase and access many features such as solving questions, watching the solution videos of the questions they cannot solve, and accessing performance analysis.

The application is available on Android and IOS.

tonguçSTORE is the official book sales site of tonguçAKADEMİ. It brings students together with tonguçYAYINCILIK resource books for exam preparation and school support. It has a rich variety of products such as question banks, lecture books, written preparation books, essay books. All orders are delivered to the owner in the fastest way with the assurance of tonguçAKADEMİ.