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tonguçYAYINCILIK is a NextGen educational publisher and distributor that started its operations in 2017. Under the roof of tonguçYAYINCILIK, there are Yüksek Başarı and Doğru Kaynak branded business units.
Yüksek Başarı

Yüksek Başarı

Yüksek Başarı is the publishing brand with the strongest digital infrastructure in Turkey.

  • Yüksek Başarı publishes exam preparation and school supplementary textbooks, and has over 1,000 experienced author teachers, both permanent and contracted.
  • It is one of Turkey's largest and strongest brands in publishing with over 500 resource books addressing primary, middle and high school students and a pool of over 600 thousand qualified new generation question banks in the digital environment.
  • Yüksek Başarı, which has the publishing approach of today and the future, uses a digital fingerprint QR code system on its printed books, enabling students to access the books digitally. In this way, Yüksek Başarı reaches millions of students in Turkey and ensures that students benefit from the books in the most effective way.
  • In addition to tonguçYAYINCILIK books, the range of books it publishes also includes educational books that have proven themselves with their quality such as Rehber Matematik, Şenol Hoca, Gri Koç, Kimya Adası, İMT Hoca, Matematiğin Güler Yüzü, Partikül Matematik, Sistemli Paragraf, İlk Adım, Fundamentals Biyoloji, Dersler Cepte Fizik, Akıl Fikir Mektebi, Yavuz Tuna Coğrafya, Süpersonik Yayınları, Bana Yeter Yayınları and Alpin Yayınları.

Our vision with our Yüksek Başarı brand is to contribute to the modern information and documents needed by young generations to reach large masses, and to become the leader of the sector with the publications it produces and the various publishing house services it provides.
Doğru Kaynak

Doğru Kaynak

  • Doğru Kaynak is the new generation wholesale and retail brand of tonguçWORKS.
    It carries out retail sales and distribution of exam preparation and school supplementary textbooks at 6,000 points all over Turkey.
  • Doğru Kaynak, which meticulously determines the brands it distributes, tonguçYAYINCILIK books produced by Yüksek Başarı as well as many publishing groups and brands such as Yükselen Zeka, Karekök, 3D, Gezegen, Sınav, Kafadengi, İsem, Delta Kültür, Gür Publications.
  • Doğru Kaynak brings hundreds of thousands of students together with the source books they need at its sales points, and enables students to access quality resources at affordable prices, quickly and reliably.
  • has implemented a first on its website and implemented the "Online study and tracking system". Thanks to this system, students get the highest efficiency from the books they own.
  • It brings publishing houses and sales points together with its experienced managers, customer service and logistics center.
tonguçYAYINCILIK has turned its books into digital resource books, a first in Turkey, by enabling students to instantly access book content and question solutions on TATS, and, and to follow their activities closely, with the activation code system on the back of the books. and enable them to evaluate themselves.

With its experienced managers, digital infrastructure services, editors, illustrators, graphic designers, typesetters, proofreaders, publishing houses, logistics center, customer services, hundreds of experienced teachers inside and outside the country, tonguçYAYINCILIK contributes to the digital transformation of education and strives to produce the most accurate resources and to ensure equal opportunities.