About Us
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Since 2014, tonguçAKADEMİ has been working hard to make education accessible and sustainable for students and to move forward on a journey compatible with the future. Over the years, tonguçAKADEMİ has grown by developing its activities in the fields of online education, publishing, distribution, educational technologies and digital solutions, and has become an edtech ecosystem by gathering all its activities under the roof of tonguçWORKS.

With offices in Istanbul and Ankara, tonguçWORKS has 200 employees and over 1,000 experienced teachers, both permanent and contracted.

tonguçWORKS, an edTech ecosystem, gathers its wide range of services under three brands: tonguçAKADEMİ, tonguçYAYINCILIK and tonguçDİJİTAL;

tonguçAKADEMİ provides online trainings on social media and on its website, helping hundreds of thousands of students from 1st grade to 12th grade to reinforce their course subjects for LGS, YKS and similar exams in a fun and interactive way.

With its Yüksek Başarı brand, tonguçYAYINCILIK, which has the publishing approach of today and the future, publishes textbooks for primary, middle and high school students in preparation for exams and school supplementaries. With the printed square code system on its printed books, tonguçYAYINCILIK ensures that students can also access the books in digital environment and delivers its publications to more than 6,000 sales points all over Turkey with its Doğru Kaynak brand.

Continuing its development by constantly conducting R&D studies on innovative educational technology models, tonguçDİJİTAL contributes to many artificial intelligence and machine learning topics in the field of education today with the Synapsis brand. Synapsis, which brings innovative approaches to education thanks to its young and dynamic team, has developed TATS, the most downloaded digital book application in the field of education in Turkey, focusing on developing applications that students can easily use and love.

Another brand of tonguçDİJİTAL, eğitiMCN Media provides YouTube channel management, studio services, copyright and rights protection, audience growth and expansion, revenue optimization and advertising services to individuals and institutions who want to manage their own accounts in the education sector. tonguçDİJİTAL, which operates with the aim of empowering education in Turkey with technology, intends to enable new generation educational content producers to express themselves and expand their impact.

tonguçWORKS' objective is to become an EdTech brand with national and international influence with its e-learning, digital publishing, distribution, educational technology development and digital promotion solutions for the education sector.