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Digital Technologies and Solutions

Digital Technologies and Solutions
tonguçDİJİTAL aims to empower education in Turkey with technology through its brands EğitimiMCN Medya and Synapsis, enabling new generation educational content producers to express themselves and expand their impact.

Synapsis Technology

tonguçDİJİTAL achieves world standards in technology thanks to the Synapsis team, which designs its applications and infrastructure with the power of data, the latest trends in technology, and internationally recognized collaborations. Synapsis Technology has carried out many works such as new generation e-learning platforms, digital book applications, student performance tracking technologies, e-commerce website software, publication management, production, sales and CRM infrastructures.

EducationMCN Media

EducationMCN Media brand, on the other hand, opened its experience and knowledge to other YouTube producers as a partner with YouTube Turkey, and started to provide MCN (Multi Channel Network) services as of 2019. It also provides agency services as a bridge for content producers to reach the right advertisers in the field of education. In this context, it offers channel account management, effective advertising collaborations, influencer marketing service, performance advertising management, social media management services. It continues to develop communication strategies towards its goals by solving the problems of channel owners in studio, video production, typesetting-montage, copyrights and all financial legal organizational issues on the YouTube channels it serves.